"Brush Strokes of Couple" U Lun Gywe & Lu Mya Mya
Start Date:
End Date:
9:00am - 5:00pm
Trish Gallery, Yangon
U Lun Gywe paints water color sometimes. Last year he painted 70 water color paintings and showed at Trish Gallery and sold all for donation to children welfare. That exhibition made him happy to paint water color. In this exhibition he paints in five different sizes for very fair prices. In the same time, Lun Mya Mya wife of him, is supporting his show with her some amount of water color paintings. This couple will establish a permanent fund for artist welfare with sold money from this show.

  • ULunGywe -01

  • ULunGywe&LMM-02

  • ULunGywe&LMM-03

  • ULunGywe&LMM-04

  • ULunGywe&LMM-05

  • ULunGywe&LMM-06

  • ULunGywe&LMM-07

  • ULunGywe&LMM-08

  • ULunGywe&LMM-09

  • ULunGywe&LMM-10