Hla Phone Aung's Water Color Solo Art Show
Start Date:
End Date:
9:30am - 5:00pm
Trish Gallery
Hla Phone Aung paints Oil, Acrylic and Water Color paintings. His water color paintings reveal Myanmar scenes of culture, tradition and daily life. He is well known as water color artist rather than multi medium painter. He has shown his paintings in Myanmar and many other countries since 1990. This exhibition is his 3th time solo show in Myanmar. He will display 35 water color art works in different sizes.

  • HPAung01-CampSite1-WC-15x22-2015

  • HPAung03- Natthamee Cliff in Bagan- WC- 22inx30in- 2015

  • HPAung04- Naung Shwe Creek -WC- 15inx22in- 2015

  • HPAung10- Camp Site 6- WC- 15inx22in- 2015

  • HPAung12- Returning Home 1- WC- 22inx30in -2015

  • HPAung22- Camp Site 4- WC- 15inx22in- 2014

  • HPAung24- Paying Homage 1- WC- 15inx22in- 2015

  • HPAung30- A Village by the Stream -WC- 10inx16in- 2015

  • HPAung32- Sweeping Trash in the Morning 2- WC- 15inx20in -2015

  • HPAung33- Under the Banyan Tree- WC- 15inx22in- 2015